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Jan 22, 2017

Suspects in Choi Soon-sil gate handcuffed and paraded: U.S. ‘perp walk’ practice used by SK special prosecutor to squeeze remaining suspects

Kim Ki-choon handcuffed and being led to the special prosecutor.
Kim Ki-choon managed to call in sick yesterday but he was able to make it to the special prosecution today.  Kim, of course, is the lead suspect in a scandal where nearly 9,000 artists were blacklisted for their left-leaning political inclinations.  Here is Kim being taken out of the mini bus and making his walk surrounded by 4 guards.  Kim is wearing an overcoat and a badge bearing his detainee number.  A blue towel envelopes his wrists that have been handcuffed.   Keep in mind that Kim is 78 and rather frail.  However, the prosecutor did not spare him from the ‘perp walk’ that other suspects have been subjected to.  [Read more] ...

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