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Jan 22, 2017

South Korea’s arts blacklist may originate from 2014 Sewol ferry sinking: artists who portrayed Park Geun-hye as incompetent made her aides furious

Two figures long thought to be behind an artist blacklist have been arrested by Korean prosecutors. Kim Ki-choon is President Park’s former chief of staff: he is considered the ‘architect’ who created the blacklist in 2014. Cho Yoon-sun, the former culture minister, is the ‘enforcer’ who managed and circulated the list. The blacklist probably owes its origins to the Sewol ferry disaster which claimed 304 lives. Artists and celebrities joined in prolonged demonstrations against Park for her negligent handling of the crisis. In the process, several satirical works of art, particularly paintings and films, emerged ridiculing Park, which made her furious. It is possible that someone with the ultimate authority to implement the blacklist and advocate its use may have directed Kim to create it.  We will soon find out if the trail leads to the sitting president  [read] ...

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