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Jan 22, 2017

‘Perp walk’ for South Korea’s culture minister: Cho Yoon-sun handcuffed and escorted by 4 guards to be grilled by special prosecutor

Perp walk for South Korea's culture minister. YT screen linked to source.

Cho Yoon-sun became the first sitting minister to be arrested and taken into custody.  She is seen here coming out of a mini bus operated by the Justice Ministry.  She is being escorted to a building where she will be interrogated by the special prosecutor.  Cho is wearing a business suit and a badge on her left with a detainee number.  Since she is being detained and waiting for possible charges to be filed, she is allowed to wear civilian clothes.  She is escorted by 4 guards, 2 of whom tightly hold onto her elbows.   Cho can’t move her wrists because she is handcuffed.  You can’t see the cuffs because she pulled her sleeves over them to avoid detection — [read more] ...

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